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Small Town Funny Begins

November 17, 2011

Does the world need another podcast where a couple of comics sit around and chit-chat? Possibly not, but we think we are offering something that isn’t quite out there yet. There are a lot of comics working in what, by comedy standards, are small towns. That is, it’s not L.A., New York, Chicago, etc. We all know you can get great comedy in those places, but, there are road comics and local comics up on stage in small towns every night. We, Michelle and John, are two local comics working in North Carolina who thought it would be fun to explore that side of the comedy world. On each episode, we’ll talk about performing locally, about writing jokes, about building an act away from the comedy meccas of the US. On each show, we’ll interview another comic, either a local comic or someone passing through. We’ll talk about the evolution of their acts, how they work and write, and what it’s like performing in small places.

For now, we are aiming to have a new show up every two weeks. Contact us here or at with your questions, comments, suggestions, etc.


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  1. That’s Michelle Maclay and John Sideris.

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